Our variety selections are Covington and Beauregard  – both the 14 and the 24 cultivars.   Descriptions of these varieties are listed below.


        Covington was released by North Carolina Agricultural Research Service in 2005. The leaves are green and range from heart-shaped to slightly lobed. The roots are rose colored with an orange flesh. Shapes are blocky to fusiform with good size uniformity. The clone is resistant to Fusarium wilt and moderately resistant to Streptomyces soil rot (pox) and the southern root-knot nematode. Yields are high with a good pack-out of No. 1 grade roots. Eating quality is very good. Sprout production is moderate but about 10 days later than Beauregard. Harvest is 105-115 days after planting.


        Beauregard was released by Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station. The roots have a rose-colored skin and orange flesh. The roots do not become round in heavier soils or elongated in lighter soils. Yield is very good and it stores well. The variety is resistant to white grub and Streptomyces soil rot and is susceptible to root-knot nematode. It normally matures in 105-110 days

Please visit NC Crop Improvement Association: Sweet Potato Varieties page for more information on these and other sweet potato varieties.